The UTM Alumni Association or Persatuan Alumni UTM was first formed in 1986 under the name of Techs Alumni. However due to some technical problems and lack of support from the alumni, the association was declared defunct by the Registrar of Society in 1993. UTM then established the Alumni Relation Unit, Unit Perhubungan Alumni(UPA), in 1996 in anticipation of revitalizing the Association. Alumni of all discipline and former office bearers of Techs Alumni were called to form the Central Committee. This loose grouping had the task of organising events and creates awareness amongst Alumni. It is anticipated that this Central Committee will later rejuvenate itself into an Association and managing its own affairs with the University assisting the Association whenever required.

In 2000, UPA initiated the formation of a committee with the task of drafting the Constitution. PAUTM was approved in August 2004 and the first AGM was held in October 2004 to elect office bearers for a 2 year term commencing January 2005.