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Collaboration With FUGRO
 Staff Training and Development in Offshore Survey
– An aggressive offshore activities is moving unparalleled with the number of existing geomatics personnel.
– To deliver a mix of education and vocational training to non-geomatics personnel (e.g. engineer, geophysicist, data processor) with knowledge and skills required to become professional surveyors.
Recruitment and Training
Difficulties faced
  • Reduced numbers of students taking hydrography / geomatics
  • Lack of interest in science and engineering careers
  • Sustainability of geomatics-related degree programmes – future
  • Strong demand in industry for geomatics graduates, requirement generally not being met.
  • Training – Should be ongoing and timely, might be project-specific.
 Difficulties faced
– Reduced numbers of students taking hydrography / geomatics
 – Lack of interest in science and engineering careers in general
 – Sustainability of geomatics-related degree programmes, e.g. Glasgow University BSc in Geomatics
 Not surprising, much the same difficulties as employers face.
Basic Hydrographic Survey Course
  • Short course in Hydrographic Survey
  • Supplements land geomatics education or other good science level education
  • Joint course from Fugro-UTM at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. MOU will be made in order to move forward and tie a good relationship with UTM.
  • Initially developed as 6 week course (Shell, Petronas involvement) in Oct 2005
  • Commitment by Fugro to run future courses in 2007 and 2008
  • Extend to 8 weeks for second delivery– Inclusion of Starfix Navigation Software and Starfix Processing Software training modules – Provision of 12 PCs with Starfix software
  • Fugro trainer employed to provide teaching support and permanently based at UTM
  • Introduction to Hydrographic & Offshore Surveying
  • Geodesy and Map Projections
  • Tides & Water Level Theory
  • Acoustic Theory
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Single Beam Echosounding
  • Multibeam Echosounding
  • DGPS Positioning
  • Sub Bottom Profiling
  • Heave and Orientation
  • Survey Planning
  • Starfix Navigation Software
  • Starfix Processing Software
  • Starfix DGPS Positioning Systems
  • Hydrographic Field Practical
Course Improvement Incremental improvements made as course has progressed  
  • Inclusion of Starfix Navigation and Starfix Processing courses
  • Increasing the number of practical activities which are related to offshore activities
  • Including Starfix DGPS systems
  • Moving from SBE to MBE for the field practical
  • Using data acquired from the field practical in learning the Starfix processing software
  • Adding a final overall examination
Levelling @ UTM campus area
Starfix Positioning at Lido Beach   Course Statistics
  • Following initial pilot, 6 courses run jointly by UTM / Fugro
  • Course 7 underway from 22 October 2007
  • 71 Fugro staff passed through course
  • 14 Fugro offices provide staffs
    • USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Holland, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, India, Egypt
  • 17 nationalities attended
    • Above except Australia, plus Polish, Norwegian, Croatian, Azeri
  Photo Gallery
Period: (14th Nov – 23 Dec, 2005) 12 participants: Fugro (8), Sarawak Shell (2), Brunei Shell (1), Offshore Geosurveys
Period: 29th May – 21st July, 2006 12 participants: Fugro (12)  
  • Enabling non-geomatics educated personnel to acquire the additional knowledge and skills required to become professional surveyors.
  • Providing a mix of education and vocational training to Fugro employees. The existing courses allow Fugro companies to employ high potential staff with less than optimal qualifications and provide the top-up education and required to meet the requirements of the job.
  • Further discussions and partnerships with academia are needed to extend the cooperation which currently takes place between Fugro and several academic institutions.