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FGRE offers Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) programmes with seven fields of specializations.  The  programmes are carried out in full- time and part- time basis. The full- time basis will take 4 semesters and the part- time basis will take about 8 semesters to graduate. Candidates must appoint at least one supervisor (academic staff from FGRE). Candidates are allowed to appoint co-supervisors from other faculties in UTM or from other Universities. Candidates are also required to take Research Methodology course and a University Course.

Candidates must present their research proposal in semester 2 (full- time) and semester 3 (part-time). The proposal will be evaluated by two internal examiners appointed by the FGRE postgraduate office In order to graduate, candidates are required to submit a thesis following the ‘Thesis Manual (2015 edition)’. The viva voce session will be held at Postgraduate Office. Candidates are encouraged to publish their research in international refereed journals.

The programmes offered are:

Master of Philosophy (Geomatics Engineering)

Master of Philosophy (Remote Sensing)

Master of Philosophy (Geoinformatics)

Master of Philosophy (Hydrography)

Master of Philosophy (Land Administration and Development)

Master of Philosophy (Facilities Management)

Master of Philosophy (Real Estate)