Welcome to the official website of the Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). We focus on education and research for undergraduate as well as for postgraduate programs in the related disciplines such as geomatic engineering, property management, geoinformatic, remote sensing and land administration & development.  We strive to be a leading academic center in geoinformation and real estate in this region.  Our graduates and alumni form major strong professional societies and work force in the related industry.  Many of our graduates end up with good jobs not just in Malaysia but also in other countries (Asian, Middle East, Africa and Europe).  The strong team and knowledgeable academic members in this faculty provide excellent ingredients for the success of the programs (i.e. with the relevant and up-to-date curriculum and syllabus). We are continuously working to provide and offer first-class geoinformation and real estate education and research in the country and be on par with other leading institutions in other parts of the globe.

Your regular visit to our website is most welcome. We promise you an informative website.

Prof. Dr. Mohd Razali bin Mahmud