GNSS & Geodynamics Research Group academic research groupspecializing in the field of satellite-based and wireless positioning technology and applications.UTM – G&G is also host to a research on geodesy and geodynamics,a discipline that deals with representation of the Earth including its gravitational field in a three-dimensional time-varying space and dynamics of the Earth masses, respectively.Our expertise comprises of the following area- Satellite Navigation and Positioning,High-Precision Positioning Services, Geodetic & Gravimetric Analysis and Seamless & Multisensors Positioning.




TropicalMap Research Group To become a leader in the field of integrated approach (digital earth technologies, ecosystem models and insitu measurements) for tropical resources mapping that will serve the following purposes for the benefit of the nation Providing high quality research works, Publishing in high impact factor journals, Providing excellent teaching and training via post graduate supervision, Providing consultancy works, Providing short courses/training in tropical resources mapping and or management.