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Geomatics Engineering

Land Administration

Property Management

Bachelor of Engineering (Geomatic)

Bachelor of Engineering (Geomatic) programme in the Department of Geoinformation, Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate, Universiti Technologi Malaysia is one of the oldest programme in Malaysia. Before 1994 the programme is known as Bachelor of Surveying (Land). This programme obtained full accreditation from the Board of Land Surveyor for Peninsular Malaysia and also from the Public Services Department of Malaysia.

Bachelor of Science (Geoinformatics)

Geoinformatics is the art and science of gathering, processing, manipulating, managing, disseminating and applying geospatial data. The B.Sc. (Geoinformatics) programme is intended to produce professionals who are capable of using information technology (IT) to handle geospatial information for the economic, social and physical development of the country. Since its inception, as many as 556 graduates had successfully completed this programme.

Bachelor of Science (Land Administrator and Development)

Bachelor of Science in Land Administration and Development is designed to produce graduates who are competent and knowledgeable in land matters to manage the challenges of land administration system in the 21st century. It is the intention of this programme to make land administration as one of the profession that could enhance the land delivery system of the nation.

Bachelor of Science (Real Estate)

The property management degree programme run by the department is the first real estate degree programme in the country. The programme is mainly designed to meet the different real estate professional needs in the region. From time to time changes were made to the programme to re-elect the changing needs of the industry.





Real Estate Coordinator

Dr. Muhammad Najib bin Mohamed Razali

Email : mnajibmr@utm.my

Contact No : 012-7701470


Land Administration and Development Coordinator

Dr. Ainur Zaireen binti Zainuddin

Email : ainurzaireen@utm.my

Contact No : 07-5530853


Geoinformatics Coordinator

Dr. Zamri bin Ismail

Email : zamriismail@utm.my

Contact No : 07-5530816


Geomatic Coordinator

Dr. Ami Hassan bin Md Din

Email : amihassan@utm.my

Contact No : 07-5530817