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credit to Monde Geospatial


Seminar projek iisj

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Meeting with the SOA national ocean tech centre China

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Bengkel icgpa

Talk by Dr tan. Pengisian ttg how to insert student mark using icgpa utm … [Continue reading]

First meeting JKA

After cuti bersalin … [Continue reading]

How to maximise paper impact

1) Write about ur article and link to it 2) use social media to highlight your research 3) use altmetric - to identify coverage, debate By francis ans taylor … [Continue reading]

Talk how to publish

Full house!! Title is "Publishing your scientific work ( books and journals) with Taylor & Francis" By Mr. Barry Clarke, M.A. Managing Director, Taylor & Francis Ltd, Publishers, Singapore. … [Continue reading]

NC engagement nov

Knowledge asset is including your knowledge not related with your research - NC utm … [Continue reading]

Monthly engagement with NC UTM

Untuk pertama kali bg tahun ini baru berkesempatan hadir. What a shame. Ku gigihkan diri menghadiri, walaupun this is first day working king but maidless … [Continue reading]

My last morning

After four days warded at HTAR.... Now i am ready to go back home … [Continue reading]

Me warded

Due to pneunomia. Oxygen in the lungs below than 95 and caused difficulty to breath especially when lying down … [Continue reading]