Postgraduate Students Society (PGSS)

What is PGSS?

Postgraduate Students Society (PGSS) is a society for all postgraduate students funded by school of Graduate Studies UTM. There are two level of PGSS which is PGSS at faculty level and the presidents of every faculty join forces in PGSS UTM representing all postgraduate students of UTM. This society’s membership is made up of all postgraduate students registered at UTM. PGSS UTM organizes academic programs for developing individual potential, programs about integration and customization to industry and other activities related to academics, such as Research competency skills (software, research methodology, etc.) and also Study skill, stress management etc.



PGSS FGHT UTM Proposed PhD Structured Courses

Starting from september 2015, all academic programmes under faculty level are combined into several structured courses. These courses are divided into first year, second year and third year classes of PhD students. These courses are not compulsory but it is recommended as it cover most of postgraduate attributes in term of leadership, research skills, scholarship of knowledge, long life learning, communication, and ethics. Seats are limited up to 50 students per classes.Courses will be fully organized by PGSS FGHT UTM and information regarding the courses will be updated on the FGHT webpage and also PGSS FGHT UTM facebook page.

PGSS Structure Course