Mesyuarat Team-2 GWG

Mesyuarat Team-2 GWG diadakan pagi ini di BM Kertau BUG KL. Mesyuarat membincangkan data ukur aras Sarawak untuk diguna pakai dalam pelarasan. Seramai tujuh ahli mesyuarat hadir pagi ini.

Sebahagian ahli mesyuarat yang terlibat

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Geoid for Sultanate of Oman (2017)

The project for computing geoid for Oman has been accomplished by researcher from York University, Canada. The research project was completed and culminated into a MSc thesis by Patrick Lasagna in the graduate program of earth and space science. The … [Continue reading]

Foroughi & Vanicek (2017)

The most recent paper on height system "In defence of the classical height system" authored by Foroughi, Vanicek, Sheng, Kingdon and Santos from GGE, UNB. Geophysical Journal International (2017) - - - - - … [Continue reading]

Twenty-six Authors

A paper entitled "Geodetic observations of the ocean surface topography, geoid, currents, and changes in ocean mass and volume" was written by twenty-six authors. The paper was published in the Proceedings of OceanObs’09: Sustained Ocean Observations … [Continue reading]

Height and Gravity (EUREF Leipzig 2015)

Euref (IAG Reference Frame Sub-Commission for Europe ) is very active in organizing symposium and meeting annually. In 2015 EUREF Symposium held in Leipzig with a special tutorial session on "Height and Gravity". The tutorial was filled with the … [Continue reading]

Gottfried Konecny (b.1930)

Gottfried Konecny graduated with his first degree in Munich. Then he went to OSU under Fulbright scholarship and work under Prof Fred Doyle and graduated with MSc. Later, he continued doing his PhD in Munich. After completed his doctorate he went to … [Continue reading]

Klaus Linkwitz (1948-2017)

The following info on Prof Linkwitz was taken from his website in Stuttgart University; Klaus Linkwitz was born in Bad Oeynhausen and after school, military service as Luftwaffenhelfer, captivity and internship 1948 studied geodesy in Stuttgart … [Continue reading]

German Geodetic Dissertation (1970-1972)

Following were German Geodetic dissertation between year 1970-72. Erik W Grafarend (1970) Die Genauigkeit eines Punktes im mehrdimensionalen EUKLIDischen Raum. Habilitation TU Clausthal [The accuracy of a point in the multidimensional EUKLID … [Continue reading]

German Geodetic Dissertation (1968-1970)

Below are geodetic dissertation in German between 1968-1970; Reinhart (1968) Lotabweichungen aus sichtbaren Massen . berechnet mit Hilfe einer Rechenanlage für das Basisvergröße- rungsnetz Heerbrugg. Mittermayer (1968) Eine nichtiterative … [Continue reading]

German Geodetic Dissertations (1960-1967)

There were a number of geodetic dissertations submitted to German universities between 1960 to 1966. Those who were obtained PhD during that period are all become prominent professors. Rudolf Sigl (1956) Kritische Betrachtung zur Orientierung von … [Continue reading]