Sarawak Survey Congress (2018)

RISM Sarawak Branch is organizing 2018 Survey Congress to be held in Kuching on 17-18 April 2018. On the first day only one out of five presentations will be on geomatics. The paper on geomatic entitles 3D City Modelling is to be presents by Sarawak LSD. Two presenters from FGHT – Prof AAR and PM TAM will participate in the Congress. The former will deliver presentation on Geoinformation particularly on City Modelling while the latter on CORS network infrastructure.

The schedule

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Festival Astronomi & Falak FGHT

FGHT menganjurkan Festival Astronomi dan Falak selama dua hari pada 13 dan 14 April. Sesi pembukaan telah disempurna rasmi oleh Dato Mufti Negeri Johor. Pada hari pertama telah diadakan majlis Bicara Ilmu dengan pembentangan oleh dua staf Jabatan … [Continue reading]

Figure of the Earth (Moritz 1990)

Helmut Moritz is very associated with topics on Physical Geodesy. He has authored and co-authored many books on physical geodesy and topic related to it. One of such books is " The Figure of the Earth - Geodesy and the Earth's Interior" published in … [Continue reading]

Sghu4863 (Part One completion)

Today lecture covers the completion of what left in topics on IS. With that all contents in part one of the monograph prepared were highlighted and discussed. Twenty-three students coming to the lecture and attendance were registered with the … [Continue reading]

The Hunt for Earth Gravity (2018)

Another new book "The Hunt for Earth Gravity" which should excite the geomatics/geodetic community. The book is not yet available but will soon publish by Springer. The Hunt for Earth Gravity (source - springer) Prof John was with geophysics … [Continue reading]

Figure of the Earth – French Academy of Sciences contribution

The task of determining size and shape of the Earth has for long been one the main challenges undertook by geodesists.  Among the most active participants contributing in this field is the French Academy of Science. Their contributions were … [Continue reading]

The quest for the true figure of the Earth

An interesting book on history of geodesy and more specifically on the quest for the figure of the Earth. When we start learning geodesy the introduction says that geodesy is the study about the shape and size of the Earth. So this book is very … [Continue reading]

Introduction to Geodesy (2018)

There were so many textbooks on geodesy been written and already available. But the developments in  geodesy are keep on going and these drive new book to be written so that the new trends in geodesy are covered. Recently a new book on geodesy … [Continue reading]

Komputer Lampau – ENIAC (1946)

Membaca mengenai sejarah perkembangan komputer tentunya menimbulkan rasa kagum bagaimana mesin dicipta dan dibangunkan untuk membantu hitungan dan pengiraan matematik dan lain-lain tugas. Antara komputer yang awal dibangunkan ialah ENIAC (Electronic … [Continue reading]

Global Surveyors Day

FIG has announced the inauguration of the Global Surveyors Day which is to be celebrated on March 21. The poster - - - - - … [Continue reading]